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  • Etruscan Sculpture Head, 4th Century A.D, Italy (SC0119)

  • Angel Botello Sculpture “Denise”, circa 1981, Spain (SC0110)

  • Kim Simonsson Sculpture “Golden Dog”, circa 2020, Finland (SC0106)

  • Huge Plaster Medicis Urn, circa 1940, France (SC0103)

  • Philippe Hiquily Sculpture, circa 2012, France (SC0102)

  • Jeff Koons Diamond “Red”, circa 2020, USA

  • Hermes Head Sculpture, 4th Century, Greece

  • Robert and Jean Cloutier Sculpture Horse, circa 1960, France

  • Jordi Alcaraz Sculpture, circa 2016, Spain

  • Pair of Marble Roman Capitals, 2nd Century, France (SC0099)

  • Large Skull Sculpture by the Spanish Artist Gabriel, circa 1990 (SC0093)