Pair of amphorae, III Century B.C, Greece (CE0041)

Pair of amphorae. Very decorative. Have been repaired. With certificate of authenticity. Provenance: Belgian Collection before 1970 III Century B.C, Greece. Good condition. Classical Greek refers to the language and culture of ancient Greece, specifically the time period from the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD. During this time, Greece experienced significant cultural, political, and philosophical advancements, including the development of the democratic system, the rise of philosophy, and the creation of art and literature that remains influential to this day. The language spoken during this time period, Classical Greek, is the predecessor to the modern Greek language and is known for its complex grammar and rich vocabulary. This period is known for its idealized depictions of the human form, balanced compositions, and emphasis on mathematical proportions. Famous examples of Classical Greek art include the Parthenon sculptures and the statue of Zeus at Olympia.


Height: 16.14 in (41 cm)Diameter: 6.69 in (17 cm)