Edgar Plans Rug “Woolable Wall Notes”, circa 2021, Spain

Edgar Plans rug “Woolable Wall Notes”. Rug by Edgar Plans for Lorena Canals
Hand-made with natural materials. Made with 100% wool. Edgar Plans’ characters are superheroes who inspire us to take action for creating a better world. Signed. Circa 2020, Spain Edgar Plans, Madrid, 1977. The truth is, if there is one thing I can be sure of in my career, it is that I was born in 1977 in Madrid. If you ask me when I started painting, I don’t know, much less why. I can say how and where, through pencils and crayons there on all the walls that surrounded me, whether they were those of my house in Majadahonda, those of the nursery or the floors of the street. When I don’t know because in my house, in my family, the creative world has always been respected and coexisted with. Even when I was very young I have etched in my memory the hammering of the keys of my father’s typewriter (Juan José Plans, 1943-2014). In his study he had a low table with seats, four, and around it, while he was writing, I remember drawing with my brothers.
In my family I have never been hindered from being able to draw and paint. Much less if I wanted to train. When my family came to live in Gijón in 1985, they signed me up for drawing and painting classes, not because I wanted to, but because my sister wanted to and I had to go with her to have us together. And it is that since I was little I never liked being told what I had to paint. I really liked to paint comics, little stories and not still lifes or charcoal plaster figures. I was little then.


Width: 95.5 in. (242.57 cm)Length: 67 in. (170.18 cm)