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  • Pair of Ceramic Sconces by Georges Pelletier, circa 1970, France

  • Pair of Black Lacquered Lamps by Jean-Claude Mahey, circa 1970, France

  • Brass “Diavolo” Table Lamp by Max Ingrand, circa 1957, Italy

  • Pair of “Sunburst” Ceramic Table Lamps by Georges Pelletier, circa 1970, France

  • Pair of Table Lamps “Tiki” by Kazuhide Takahama for Leucos, circa 1980, Italy

  • Elegant Neoclassical Chandelier by Madeleine Castaing, circa 1970, France

  • Large Georges Pelletier Ceramic Table Lamp, circa 1970, France

  • Exceptional Large Georges Pelletier Ceramic Sconce, circa 1970, France

  • Georges Pelletier Table Lamp by Accolay, circa 1960, France

  • Extra Large 12 Globe and Brass Fedele Papagni Chandelier, circa 2000, Italy

  • Serge Castella “Spring” Chandelier, circa 2000, Spain

  • Big and Unique Turtle Shell Sconce, circa 1970, Italy