Serge Castella Chandelier “Summer”, circa 2020, Spain (LU0058)

DESCRIPTION: Summer chandelier by Serge Castella. Plaster and iron construction 8-light Signed Contemporary design. Made to order Customizing possible. This Serge Castella design complements Castella’s other plaster chandelier: “Spring” & “Autumn”. Keeping to the basics, Castella gives a slight twist to a Classic design. Our summer chandelier was first showcased in Milieu Magazine’s Summer Issue, 2020.

CONDITION: Very good condition.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 129,54cm (51in) Width: 78,74cm (31in) Depth: 78,74cm (31in)

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: Serge Castella Interiors focuses on Antiques, Design and Interior Design. The company exists since 1987, run jointly by both Serge Castella and Jason Flinn. Specializing in Decorative Arts, Castella & Flinn love all eras and periods when they fit into a modern way of living.

ABOUT THE STYLE: The contemporary artistic movement period is generally considered to have begun in the mid-20th century and continues to the present day. It encompasses a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, reflecting the diverse and ever-changing nature of the art world. It’s important to note that contemporary art is an ever-evolving field, and new movements and trends continue to emerge. The period is characterized by experimentation, diversity, and a constant questioning of traditional norms and boundaries of art.