Decorative Pieces

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  • Large Albert Chubac Painting, circa 1950, France

  • 1st Century Marble Sarcophagus, South of France

  • Robert and Jean Cloutier Ceramic Sculpture, circa 1960, France

  • Robert and Jean Cloutier Ceramic Tile, circa 1960, France

  • Pablo Picasso Shirt Edited by Bruno Compagnon, circa 1955, France

  • Desiré Von Pelt Ceramic Bisque “Still Life” Sculpture, circa 2000, Spain

  • Roman Antiquities Stone Sculpture of Minerva with Helmet, 2nd Century AD, France

  • Robert and Jean Cloutier “Bird in Hand” Ceramic Sculpture, circa 1990, France

  • Large Exceptional Ceramic Vase by Don Antonio Alcala, circa 1950, Spain

  • Vidal Grau Bar in the Form of a Globe, circa 1970 Spain

  • African Chokwe Mask Circa 1940`s, Angola.

  • Planter by Gabriella Crespi, Italy