Artwork & Decorative Pieces

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  • Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés Photograph, circa 2017, Spain

  • Roman Antiquities Marble Sculpture of the Head of a Hare, 2nd Century AD, France

  • Amethyst Four-Panel Screen by Elisabeth Lemaigre-Voreaux, circa 1970, France

  • Terracotta Bust Sculpture of Bacchus, 18th Century, France

  • Terracotta Bust Sculpture of Persephone, 18th Century, France

  • Modernist Abstract Painting by Albert Chubac, France, circa 1950

  • Serge Castella “Almeria” Carpet for BSB, circa 2000, France

  • Antique Samarkand Carpet, circa 1930, Turkestan

  • Mid-Century Modern Art Work Panel by Nerone Patuzzi, circa 1970, Italy

  • White Lacquered Polymorphic Sculpture by Les Simonnet, circa 1968, France

  • Ceramic Vase by Giuseppe Rossicone, circa 1960, Italy

  • Large Ceramic Platter by Jean Lurçat for Sant Vincens, circa 1964, France