Artwork & Decorative Pieces

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  • Albert Chubac Painting, circa 1950, France

  • “Mouth” Mixed-Media Artwork by Jaume Plensa, circa 2003, Spain

  • Collage Work of Art by Roger Vivier, circa 1990′s, France

  • Original Drawing by Joan Miro, 1970s, Spain

  • Roman Antiquities Fragment Stone Sculpture, 2nd Century AD, Spain

  • Marble Roman Antiquities Sculpture of Fortuna, 2nd Century AD, Spain

  • Albert Chubac Concrete Painting, circa 1950, France

  • Sarcophagus, 722-332 A.C, Egypt

  • Jean Cocteau Drawing, circa 1952, France

  • 19th Century Sevillian “Lebrillo de Fajaluza” Ceramic Dish, Spain

  • Laurent Martin Lo Sculpture, 2019, France

  • Sculpture of Khmer Bust, 17th Century, Cambodia