Rustic Bench, 19th Century, Spain

DESCRIPTION: Roman mosaic made with marble. Very decorative piece. Provenance: Private Swiss collection, since 1950.

CONDITION: Very good vintage condition.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 240cm (94.49in) Width: 230cm (90.55in) Depth: 5cm (1.97in)

ABOUT THE STYLE: Classical Roman art movement refers to the various forms of art created in the Roman Empire. This included sculptures, paintings, and mosaics that portrayed figures engaged in dynamic poses, such as athletes, dancers, and warriors, as well as landscape and nature scenes. Roman craftsmen were skilled at capturing nature and human forms, using techniques such as foreshortening and contrapposto to create a sense of movement and energy in their works. Some famous examples of classical Roman mosaic art include works from the Villa Romana del Casale, the Galloping Horse mosaic, and the Alexander Mosaic.

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