Péter Pierre Székely Paint, circa 1970, France


Peter Pierre Székely paint. Unique and important piece. Very representative of the artist and this era. Made with wax and gold. Signed and dated Circa 1970, France. Very good vintage condition. Péter Pierre Székely (1923-2001). Székely’s creation of ceramics, paintings and sculptures flowed from a convicton that art should not reside in galleries; that it should instead be fully integrated into the flow of modern life. For Szekely, his art is a form of communication with a language of signs that are to be read intuitively in a graphic context. Székely’s abstract sculptures emphasizes the physical properties of his materials: their texture, color, crytalline structure and weight. His abstract, organic sculptures also allow for a range of emotional responses sought after by the artist: delight, harmony or peace.


Height: 23 in. (58.42 cm)Width: 23 in. (58.42 cm)Depth: 1 in. (2.54 cm)