Pair of Jean-Jacques Darbaud Table Lamps “Madam”, circa 2022, France (LA0104)

DESCRIPTION: A pair of Jean-Jacques Darbaud Table Lamps “Madam”. They are made with withe glazed ceramic. They are very decorative pieces. You can see the designer’s signature in the photos.

CONDITION: Very good vintage condition. Wear consistent with age and use.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 94cm (37.01 in)  Width: 60cm (23.62in) Depth: 31cm (12.2in)

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: Jacques Darbaud aka Darbaud is an artist, born in 1943 in Aix en Provence. He studied in Paris at Académie de la Grande Chaumière, followed by Académie André Lhote. After his internship, he worked as a decorator for the cinema and television. In 1993, he went back to the South and opened his own sculpture studio. His work is recognized worldwide.

ABOUT THE STYLE: The contemporary artistic movement period is generally considered to have begun in the mid-20th century and continues to the present day. It encompasses a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, reflecting the diverse and ever-changing nature of the art world. It’s important to note that contemporary art is an ever-evolving field, and new movements and trends continue to emerge. The period is characterized by experimentation, diversity, and a constant questioning of traditional norms and boundaries of art.