Hoon Moreau Console Table, 2017, France


Hoon Moreau “Roche en Équilibre” Console Table. Made with solid oak with gold foil. Signed. 2017, France. Excellent condition. Hoon Moreau, born in Seoul in 1967 where she graduated in 1991 from the Seoul National University in Fine Arts, decided to complete her training in Paris to get a Master’s degree in Interior Design and Environmental Design of the Ecole Camondo in 1998. This double-skilled degree, associated with her Franco-Korean sensitivity ensures her multiple collaborations, to create interior design and furniture to museums, villas, luxury hotels and palaces, in particular within well-known architect’s agencies, such as Wilmotte & Associés, during 20 years. Fascinated by sculpture since her beginnings, asan interior architect and designer, she is inspired by the beauty of the elements which touch her, such as the magnificences of nature, art jewelry or fashion design. In 2014 she decided to launch out into the audacious challenge to redefine our relationship in the arts by confidentially linking sculpture and feature. «…live with the sculpture, integrate it to everyday life, find the perfect balance between visual pleasure and utility. The work must be able to be admired just as much as touched for an unexpected experience».


H 22 in. x W 60 in. x D 24 in.H 55.88 cm x W 152.4 cm x D 60.96 cm

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