Sarcophagus, 722-332 A.C, Egypt


Partial Egyptian Sarcophagus. Made with polychrome wood. Provenance: Antique French private collection. 722-332 A.C, Egypt. (XXVI-XXX Dynasty). Antique condition. Fragmentary wooden sarcophagus of which four pieces remain covered by the cover There are: two lateral pieces in solid wood, an upper panel as well as the fence enclosing the feet (this being itself broken into two pieces). The pieces were assembled through a series of mortises and Tenons. The cover is covered with eight columns of hieroglyphic inscriptions, the signs and the separation bands being green. The text mentions several formulas of funeral offerings, addressed to the deceased whose name was Padiheka (cf. Ranke, Personnamen I, 125, 19) son of Hapi. Painted wood, accidents and blockages. XXVIe – XXXe dynastie Former French private collection. Translation: Hello to you, lords of the West, the great are in his great grave, let life come (twice) [for an eternity without end] Have mercy on me, on my venerable name and of my powerful divine image […] Words to say by the Osiris Padiheka son of the superintendent Hapy the loved one, that the master of the house Iui generated That the king gives an offering to the Osiris, lord of the West, great god, lord of Abydos, give him a grave, bread, beer, cattle, poultry and offerings, Wine, milk and all kinds of pure good things (for) l ‘Osiris Padiheka, son of the superintendent […] […] the Osiris, let him and his place be fortified, give him offerings, a beautiful tomb, cattle and poultry and all kinds of offerings, incense […] […] wine, milk and all kinds of pure good things […] […] Osiris Padiheka son of superintendent Hapy has imé that the master of the house Iyi generated PARALLELES: – Archaeological Museum of Madrid, inv. 15159, 26th Saqqara dynasty Bibliography: Perez-Die M.C., Guia del Museo Arqueológico Nacional, 1996, p. 35, n.


H 37 in. x W 17 in. x D 10 in.H 93.98 cm x W 43.18 cm x D 25.4 cm

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