Peter Pierre Szekely Art Work, circa 1978, France


Peter Pierre Székely Art Work. Entitled: “Le Couple” (The Couple) Unique and important piece. Very representative of the artist and this era Shaved cowhide. Signed. Sudio: L’Atelier Sylviane Lisiak Circa 1978, France. Good Vintage Condition. Péter Pierre Székely (1923-2001). Székely’s enormous output of ceramics, furniture and public sculpture flowed from a convicton that art should not reside in galleries; that it should instead be fully integrated into the flow of modern life. For Szekely, his art is a form of communication with a language of signs that are to be read intuitively in a graphic context. Székely’s abstract sculptures emphasizes the physical properties of his materials: their texture, color, crytalline structure and weight. His abstract, organic sculptures also allow for a range of emotional responses sought after by the artist: delight, harmony or peace.


H 34 in. x W 28 in. x D 0.4 in.H 86.36 cm x W 71.12 cm x D 1.02 cm

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