Laurent Martin Lo Sculpture, 2019, France



Laurent Martin Lo Sculpture “Organic System”. Bamboo “Kinetic” Sculpture Bamboo in balance, lightness and flexibility. Molded Ceramic Base and Bamboo Sculptural Structure 2019, France. Excellent Condition. Laurent Martin “Lo” born in France, he trained as visual artist in ENSAD (Paris). For many years he worked as creative director both in advertising and fashion. His first encounter with bamboo was totally circumstantial but it was “love at first sight”, the artist says. Bamboo becomes his obsession, really a passion, that drove the artist to change his life. He left behind his work, house, city…to set up on his first trip to the bamboo countries. Since then he has been traveling long roads in search of the essence of bamboo. Roads which have taking him all over the world to countries that are in what the artist call “the bamboo belt”…an imaginary terrestrial parallel running around the tropics which, thanks to bamboo, unites far-flung peoples and connects, from Americas to Asia, diverse cultures.


H 20 in. x W 41 in. x D 14 in.H 50.8 cm x W 104.14 cm x D 35.56 cm

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