Huge Abercrombie and Fitch Leather Rhinoceros Sculpture, England, circa 1970


Magnificent and rare vintage Abercrombie and Fitch leather Rhinoceros Sculptural Bench. Made by Dimitri Omersa for Abercrombie & Fitch. An Iconic Omersa and Abercrombie & Fitch piece. Beautifully Patined leather. Circa 1970, England. Very Solid and Sturdy. Very Large and Unique Piece Good vintage condition. Dimitri Omersa and his wife Inge came to England in 1955 and settled at Lavender Croft, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Dimitri Omersa, a Yugoslav by birth, had been a naval officer and a political prisoner having been imprisoned by Tito for 10 years after the second world war. Dimitri Omersa found work in the leather trade and eventually took over a business in Hitchin and acquired the producing of the “Old Bill” leather pig for the brand Liberty’s. Before long Dimitri Omersa had ideas for other animals. His first new piece was the leather elephant, followed by the leather donkey and leather rhinoceros. Initially, Liberty’s were sceptical of the rhino but it became a “best seller” and subsequently formed the Omersa logo. The animals were sold exclusively through Liberty’s up until the mid-1970’s. Animals made during this period have the words “LIBERTY OF LONDON” embossed on the underside of an ear. Dimitri Omersa wanted to expand the business and so took the animals to North America. The animals caught the eye of Abercrombie and Fitch, who sold the animals from the mid 1960’s through to the late 1980’s.


H 32 in. x W 72 in. x D 20 in.H 81.28 cm x W 182.88 cm x D 50.8 cm

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