Ceramic Vase by Giuseppe Rossicone, circa 1960, Italy


Ceramic vase by Giuseppe Rossicone Handmade Typical Ferrigno blue glaze Original “Rossicone” label circa 1960, Italy Very good vintage condition Giuseppe Rossicone is a sculptor and Italian ceramist. He was born in Scanno, in Abruzzo , on 22 February 1933. After studying at the San Bernardino college in L’Aquila, Rossicone moved to Milan where, at the end of the 1950s, he took over a ceramics factory and made it his studio. Recently his Studio has been classified by the Municipality of Milan among the city’s historical shops. After a period of experimenting, Rossicone focused on ceramics and on color studies. Inspired by Leoncillo and Fontana, he elaborated his own personal style characterized by a Ferrigno blue and a predominantly abstract character. In his long years of work in Milan he collaborated with numerous contemporary painters and sculptors with whom he made ceramics. Some of the artists with whom he has collaborated over the years: Arnaldo Pomodoro, Agostino Bonalumi, Gianni Colombo, Sandro Chia, Michele Cascella, Ernesto Treccani, Mario Schifano, Ibrahim Kodra, Hsiao Chin, Gianni Dova, Giuseppe Migneco, Salvatore Fiume, Franz Borghese. He also created a series of vases with the Swiss architect Mario Botta. Rossicone is considered one of the most important ceramists in Italy.


14.5 in.Hx11.5 in.Wx3.5 in.D
37 cmHx29 cmWx9 cmD
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