Atelier Marolles Standing Lamp, circa 1950, France


Atelier Marolles “Lampadaire au Coq” Standing Lamp. Wrought iron floor lamp. Henri Vion, under Jean Touret for Atelier Marolles Circa 1950, France. Very good vintage condition. Atelier Marolles was an initiative of Jean Touret to create an association for the production of furniture and decorative objects with the know-how of craftsmen: cabinetmakers; blacksmiths; basket makers; and later, ceramists. The initial nucleusof craftsmen were: Jean Touret, artistic director Maurice Leroy, carpenter in Marolles His son Emile Henri Vion, blacksmith at Marolles Edmond Le Flohic, basket maker in Marolles Manuel Gold, potter installed in Marolles, who would come from Paris.


H 68 in. x Dm 20 in.H 172.72 cm x Dm 50.8 cm


20 in. (50.8 cm)

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